Particle board doesn’t get the attention it deserves in a world where real wood furniture is the norm for luxury and elegance. While with brands like Action Tesa, the leading Pre-Laminated Particle Board manufacturers, it is possible to create furniture that is durable and has great aesthetic value that comes close to real wood finishes and has its own set of benefits.

If the price tag that comes with real wood furniture causes you cold-shivers and goosebumps, it is quite obvious that you must consider the benefits of pre-laminated particle board alternatives. Here are six chief reasons why you should buy a particle board furniture (plain or pre-laminated) for your office to assist you in making an informed decision.

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1) Pocket-friendly – Solid wood is lovely, but it’s also pricey. Particle board furniture is a significantly less expensive solution. While many people believe that spending less means compromising performance, this isn’t always the case. Action Tesa’s particle board is crafted using technologically advanced machinery and is the most pocket-friendly material for achieving light-weight furniture and products.

2) Adaptable – You may use the versatility of particle board furniture to build bespoke solutions, if you are lucky enough to find a carpenter or a contractor that is a bit of a handyperson. To craft Desks, bookcases, and other furniture, you may use prelaminated particle board from Action Tesa and craft something extra-ordinary. The Tesa pre-laminated particle board offer people with a creative bent the opportunity to mix and match elements to create an end product that goes beyond the planned design.

3) Simple to work with – Action Tesa implements three different technologies for achieving the final product, which is simple to work with. These technologies and their results on the final product include:
i) DOME Technology – – The DOME Technology ensures dimensional stability, higher internal bond and lower moisture absorption.

ii) The German “ClassiForm Chip Grading” system – The system ensures a consistent wood chip grading for a strong and balanced outer surface that further ensures better screw holding capacity.

iii) MEC USA’s Wood Chip Drying System-This specialised drying system ensures even moisture distribution. The highly specialised drying system when coupled with Action Tesa’s in-house glue offers the final product that is structurally stable and reliable for years to come.

The particle board achieved after the implementation of the above technologies means the particle board will accept screws for a tight fit that will add durability to your furniture.

4) Stylish – Particle board is an excellent support surface for a wide range of laminates. To select the style that best suits your taste, you can explore – and choose from a variety of colours and textures. The fact that particle board office furniture is less expensive does not imply that it will appear cheap.

5) Durable – For office furniture, it is important that they should be durable yet easy to move or shift from one place to another. Though solid wood furniture is long-lasting, it also makes them extremely heavy & difficult to move or shift. If you’re in charge of a large workplace that needs to be rearranged frequently to accommodate employee changes and other demands, you might want to explore a more durable option. Action Tesa’s Particle Boards are more denser & durable than their counterparts & is better & more value for money option than solid wood furniture. This property of the Particle Board makes it most preferred choice of architects ,interior designers, builders etc. as they are easy to handle and transport.

6) Easy to update – Just because you felt a certain finish or colour was trendy and would last for years doesn’t imply, you’ll still think so five years later. Take a look at one of your haircuts from ten years ago to learn that some things simply go out of style and require an update from time to time. Particle board office furniture, on the other hand, is simple to update for a new design that better matches your company and gives it a more modern vibe. All you have to do is replace the top Pre-lam panel with new colours or texture matching the interior. You don’t have to buy completely new furniture if your office is starting to seem a little antiquated.

Final Thoughts

Despite producing a very affordable, sturdy, and versatile product, particle board furniture has a terrible rep. While some companies may try to sell you cheaply produced particle boards that won’t survive, there is the brand – Action Tesa, known for manufacturing remarkable particle boards.

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