MDF Board

MDF Board

Medium Density Fiberboard is an excellent choice for making modern-age furniture. It has a better resistance against temperature change and humidity than solid wood and ply. A lighter and more durable Engineering Wood option is actually ideal to produce price-less furniture. Action TESA uses German Technology and Hard Wood precisely to manufacture MDF boards. With its homogenous structure and consistent quality, the Action TESA MDF board has a unique edge over available products in the marketplace.

  • Interior and Exterior Grade MDF

Action TESA produces Interior and Exterior Grade MDF boards. They are engineered to meet the vivid needs of customers and remain great in changing Indian weather. They are resistant to termites, borers, fungus and moisture. They are eco-friendly and a perfect choice to produce quality furniture.

  • Choose CARB Certified, E1 & E2 grade Action TESA MDF board

Emission classes E1 and E2 were created by European Standard EN 13986 for use in construction where formaldehyde-containing resins have been added to products and, most importantly, it is a necessary term when organizations export products to European nations. Action TESA manufactures the necessary CARB-certified EO, E1 & E2 quality MDF boards.

Kitchen Shutters,  Wall Paneling  Furniture  Fixtures Modular Kitchen    Wardrobes  Decorative Display Panels
Can be use in door manufacturing  Shoe Heel & lasts Railway Cushion Base

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