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Upgrade your woodworking projects with Moist Master, a revolutionary solution that goes beyond the ordinary particle board. Designed for those who demand more from their materials, Moist Master offers enhanced strength, improved screw grip, increased resistance to termites and borers, and superior moisture resilience. Elevate your creations with the power of Moist Master.

Key Features:

High Density (>700): Moist Master boasts a high density, providing exceptional strength and stability for your projects. Say goodbye to worries about weak spots and welcome a particle board that can handle the toughest challenges.
Borer & Termite Resistant: Protect your creations from the threat of pests with Moist Master's advanced resistance to borers and termites. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your projects are shielded against common wood-boring insects.
Greater Durability: Moist Master goes the extra mile in durability, ensuring that your particle board stands the test of time. Whether you're crafting furniture or undertaking DIY projects, Moist Master is the reliable choice for long-lasting results.
Odourlessly Pleasant: Say farewell to unpleasant odors associated with some woodworking materials. Moist Master is designed to be odourless, providing you with a comfortable and pleasant working environment.
Environment Friendly: We understand the importance of sustainability. Moist Master is crafted with the environment in mind, offering a green alternative without compromising on performance. Choose Moist Master for eco-friendly woodworking solutions.

Upgrade your woodworking game with Moist Master – the perfect blend of strength, resilience, and environmental consciousness. Choose a particle board that exceeds expectations. Choose Moist Master by Tesa.
Technical Specifications of High Moisture Resistance Particle Board - Thickness: 18.00MM
Properties Unit TESA Standard Test Results
Thickness (mm) MM ±0.3 17.95
Density Kg/M3 >700 712
Surface Strength N/mm2 >0.70 0.78
Resistance to boiling water, 03hrs   Shall not show any sign of delamination  
Thickness swelling after 2hrs at 70 C % >25 19.88
  • Key Application Areas
  • Kitchen Shutters
  • Furniture - Office
  • School
  • Hospital and Home
  • Wall Paneling
  • Fixtures
  • Wardrobes
  • Decorative Display Panels
Moist master HMR particle board
Moist Master HMR particle board Image 2
Moist Master HMR particle board Image 3
  • Performance : Experience superior performance with enhanced strength and screw grip.
  • Protection : Safeguard your projects against termites, borers, and moisture.
  • Durability : Enjoy the longevity of your creations with Moist Master's greater durability.

Grade Thickness Size
INTERIOR 18 MM 8' X 6'
EXTERIOR 18 MM 8' X 6'
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tata housing
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