HDF Flooring Accessories

Flooring Accessories

Our client can avail from us a wide variety of accessories which are available in matching colors/designs and specifications. These are commonly used to enhance and change the looks of any room. These are produced using advance technology. These are highly stain resistant and require very little routing care and maintenance.

• Beading
• Skirting
• T Profile
• Profile
• Stair Nose

Beading: It is used to hide the expansion gap left along the walls during installation.
Size: 18mm (Thickness) x 18mm (W)

Skirting: For covering expansion gap on the edges and along wall.
Size: 15 (Thickness) X 75(W), 18mm (Thickness) X 60mm (W), 18mm (Thickness) X 100mm (W),
Special Sizes like 18MM (Thickness) X 75MM, 18MM (Thickness) X 125MM
Will available as per MOQ and as per special conditions.

T Profile: For transition between the same levels.

Profile: For covering the expansion gap between the laminate flooring & another flooring.
Size: 15MM (Thickness) X 50MM (W)

Stair Nose: It is used to cater the edge of a stair tread or step.
Size: 18MM (Thickness) X 60MM (W)

Flooring Accessories 2


• Core Material HDHMR Board
• Hot Pressed Product
• Thhermo Setting Adhesive
• High Abrasion Resistance
• Water Resistance
• Borer Resistance
• Termite Resistance
• 8 Feet Length
• Highly Durable
• Advance Technology – Heavy Duty Six Head Planer
• Uniform Thickness and Profiling