Expose yourself to OrnaMatte, a remarkable range of Matte finishes that fills you with a world of creativity and limitless possibilities. OrnaMatte is a harmonious blend of sophistication and elegance, that gives you an exquisite realm of serene peace of mind.

Key Attributes of OrnaMatte:

Anti-Fingerprint: Close your eyes and run your hand gently across OrnaMatte’s surface, and then open your eyes to see a captivating spectrum of colours. As your hands feel the velvety Smooth Satin Finish, you’ll be happy to find that there are no ugly fingerprints to disturb its beauty. OrnaMatte feels luxurious and also is flawless.

Surface Coating Deactivation Technology: OrnaMatte employs cutting-edge technology that takes your imagination to new heights. A diverse range of OrnaMatte shades at are at your disposal, Now you have the creative freedom to design without any limitation. It’s time to let the artist in you fly knowing that OrnaMatte’s unique technology will turn your vision into a reality.

3H Scratch Resistance: OrnaMatte has an exceptional scratch resistance composition, offering a level of durability that makes it a winner. Its near-zero gloss level ensures that your OrnaMatte creation remains elegant and pristine, ensuring you to enjoy furniture that remains so close to your heart.

Add OrnaMatte into your lifestyle and observe a world where aesthetics, functionality, and elegance resonate in unison.

OrnaMatte will elevate your designs and bring your imagination to life in the most compelling and pleasant way.

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Product Display Units  Wall Cladding

Why Ornamatte?

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