Acrylic High Gloss Board

High Gloss Acrylic Board

Keeping pace with growth and with commitment to serve the rapidly growing interiors industry, Action TESA adds another superior interior product in its basket by introducing High Gloss Acrylic Surface MDF Boards. TESA Acrylic Faced MDF combines the look and feel of a solid surface acrylic with an ultra high gloss surface in a contemporary range of designs and effects.

All TESA Acrylic Surface Boards have a near mirror quality surface (just like a glass mirror) and are easy to install and clean. All they need is a soft, wet cloth. TESA Acrylic Boards have natural colour and unique designs. The collection includes 19 exotic designs suited for any interior and furniture design application.

Application Areas: Action TESA Acrylic Boards can be used in decoration of walls/cabinets or whole styling. They can also be used for household decoration furniture like bedroom/living room/ wardrobe shutters/kitchen shutters and various other multipurpose applications .


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