Particle Board

Particle Board

Action TESA Particle boards are manufactured with great precision using Best-of-the-Breed technology. The process includes many checks just
to make sure that output will be perfect. Even the Glue used for binding is produced in-house to ensure uniform quality, in each & every lot.

Be it the ClassiForm Chip Grading system, the most modern Drying System, Sanding, Calibration, Smooth finishing, or the Pre-lamination process, all the steps were monitored by a highly qualified team.

Interior and Exterior Grade Particle Board

Action TESA produces both i.e. the Interior and Exterior Grade boards. They are engineered to meet the vivid needs of customers and remain great in the changing Indian weather.

Choose CARB Certified, E1 & E2 grade Action TESA Particleboard

Emission classes E1 and E2 were created by European Standard EN 13986 for use in construction where formaldehyde-containing resins have been added to products and, most importantly, it is a necessary term when organizations export products to the European Union.


Dome (Digital Optimum Moisture Equilibrium) – Moisture content Control during production, less moisture absorption  (Dimensional Stability), Superior Strength, Surface Finish.

Class former Technology – Perfect Gradation of particles for better screw holding capacity & no warp age.

Truth Calibrated Panel (±5%) – Uniform Thickness across the boards, excellent laminate pasting with zero bubbles.

Zero Wastage Panel – 8 ft. x 6 ft. or 9 ft. x 6 ft. size facilitates various cut size variants.

Borer & Termite Resistance.

Ready to use Panel – cut it and fix it, huge savings in terms of raw material, time & labor cost.

Why Tesa Particle Board?

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