Abraze Board

Abraze Board

Sick of Faded Designs? Choose ABRAZE with 999+ enhanced ABRAZE Value

Ordinary laminate boards disappoint you with low abrasion values (150–450 revolutions), exposing your furniture to wear and tear. Embrace Action TESA ABRAZE, a Super Scratch Resistant Pre-Laminated MDF Board boasting an unbeatable abrasion value of 999+ revolutions, ensuring lasting aesthetics.

Beyond Scratch Resistance: Borer and Termite Protection

ABRAZE doesn’t stop at durability; it’s borer and termite-resistant, offering comprehensive protection. More than an upgrade, it’s a cost-effective alternative to stone and granite, making it the preferred choice for users and manufacturers.

ABRAZE – Recrafting Excellence

Don’t settle for the ordinary – Own the extraordinary with Action TESA ABRAZE. Affordable, durable, and visually stunning, ABRAZE sets a new standard for laminate boards.

Upgrade your furniture, choose ABRAZE, and let your style bloom.

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Why Tesa Abraze?

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