The infrastructure industry has gone through massive evolution and up-gradation in the last few years. Wood being the primary choice for furnishing the interior space, Particle Boards have bagged in huge demand since interior décor has been a matter of concern. Many Particle Boards Manufacturers in India have claimed that the demand for Particle Boards has been increasing as the infrastructure industry is facing tremendous hype. Customers are choosing the supreme quality of Particle Boards for furnishing the interiors. Particle Board furnished interiors not only impart a rich classy look but also are suitable for use as they come with unique features to cater to the requirements. Action TESA being one of the premium Particle Boards Manufacturers ensures to meet the need of the infrastructure industry by producing the best quality product.

Particle Boards are better known as Chip Boards. Action TESA manufactures Particle Boards that are ideal for furnishing the interiors of a home or an office space. Particle Boards can be easily used for building up flat-flack furniture for interior cupboards, kitchen cabinets, work-spaces, underlayment, and in many more spaces. Particle Boards are best known for imparting factory-finished looks to the interior space that can be availed at substantial costs. Particle Boards are often used as a substrate for countertops that run smoothly with the décor of your home. These are engineered woods that are comparatively economical and denser than other ply boards available in the market. With its huge baggage of experience in the infrastructure industry, Action TESA manufactures Particle Boards with superior technicality to suits all its applications.

Action TESA is undeniably one of the best brands of Particle Boards available in the market today. And all credit goes to the technical structuring of the Particle Boards. Action TESA has curated the Particle Boards that are first in India to have the European touch in them. The ‘classiform chip grading’ of the Action TESA Particle Boards gives them a core-to-surface gradation. The grading of wood chips into the surface of the Particle Boards adds to its screw holding quality that is hardly seen in any other ply boards in India. Thetremendous cohesion between the surface and the core imparts a complete homogeneity to the Particle Board. The homogenous construction of the Particle Boards assures a tenacious screw-holding capacity of the board.

Particle Boards of Action TESA comes with termite resistant features making them suitable in all odd conditions. The drying system of these Particle Boards has been shipped from MEC USA. With the superior drying system, the Particle Boards get even moisture distribution throughout the surface along with indigenous structure stability of the product. The use of in-house glue makes the adhesion secure and reliable.

Action TESA stands strong amidst Particle Boards Manufacturers in India because of its prominence and superior quality of the product. These Particle Boards not only ensure the aesthetic look of your interior but fits in your budget, as Action TESA focuses both on customer and cost. Action TESA offers both plain and pre-laminated particle Boards to adhere to the requirement of the clients.