Home decor as we see it today is an evolving concept. There is so much that goes into building a house, right from how the decor will be set up to the smallest details of what kind of furniture will go where. With the advancement in technology, there are newer, finer, and better ways of adapting to furniture ideas. Particle Boards are made out of small wood chips bonded together. The wood products are manufactured from eucalyptus wood chips. Action Tesa, a New Delhi-based company, is Panels | Flooring | Doors Manufacturers in India. Action Tesa provides multiple products under one roof, Starting  from Particle Boards, MDF, HDHMR Boards, BOILO BWP Boards, HDHMR Doors, HDF Laminated Flooring, UV High Gloss & Acrylic Boards, Embossed HDF & Door skins. As per market requirements, they have various products suiting everybody needs & are constantly innovating to cater the market requirements.

About Action Tesa’s Particle Boards:-

Action Tesa believes in providing its customers the best quality product by continuously making the required changes in the technology that they use. For the first time in the country Action TESA is the Best Particle Board Manufacturers in India, New Delhi introduced DOME Technology for the particle boards using European quality. The German technology “ClassiForm Chip Grading” network ensures appropriate grading of the wood chips for the Particle Board ensuring an equal core-to-surface chip size gradation. As a result, homogeneity is maintained and a proportional and strong panel with a very good screw holding capacity is obtained. The drying mechanism used by the Particle Board Manufacturers in India has been imported from MEC USA so that there is even moisture distribution that results in stability of the product. Action TESA uses in-house glue for the manufacturing of all its products to ensure the best quality. A pre-laminated particle board is a particle board laminated on both coverings by resonated base papers under the impact of heat and pressure. Action TESA provides its customers with Plain and Pre-Laminated Particle Boards.

Features of the Action TESA website for ease in purchases:-

There is a Virtual Room panel where you can choose your design you require and virtually understand how space would look. To understand the process of creating this furniture there are a few tutorial videos you can watch. Reading the blogs on the Action TESA website will help you understand the pros and cons of each kind of material they use. A separate “Quick Query” panel allows you to solve your doubts and inquire about Action TESA products and services. The “Give your Feedback” panel enables you to share your experiences of using these products.

Action TESA team is trying its level best to bring to you a combination of good quality, technologically advanced, and better delivery options by their home decor options. In the pandemic, they have tried to come up with newer ways to provide their customers a good shopping experience.

Connect to us on the Action TESA website and stand a chance to get one of the finest quality home decor ideas from the Best Particle Board Manufacturers in India.