Commonly understood, ‘High-Traffic Area’ means a place or area where a lot of people pass through or where people pass through very often. In terms of residential living or office spaces, high-traffic areas can take a toll on any flooring. From scuff marks and scratches to dents, the wear left behind is as clear as day. Hence, in order to avoid these problems it is important to think about the type of wear your specific high-traffic area will experience and choose the best material accordingly. Among the several flooring materials available for choice, engineered hardwoods or wooden flooring – especially, HDF Flooring – stands out as an excellent option for high-traffic areas since they offer more protection against flooring dents than other options while being easy to install with a durable surface that resists scratches and scuff marks. They may be a little pricey but will last you a lifetime. And if you happen to be looking for the BEST WOODEN FLOORING IN DELHI, we would like to suggest you to explore the LAMINATED WOODEN FLOORING options offered by Action TESA that stands out as “India’s largest company offering multiple products for interior use under one roof by producing more than 3 Lakhs SKU’s” – including HDF Flooring!

About Enginееrеd Hardwood Flooring

Enginееrеd hardwood flooring combines the beauty of real hardwood with enhanced durability, making it suitable for high-traffic areas. It consists of a top layer of genuine hardwood bonded to multiple layers of plywood or high-density fibreboard. This construction makes еnginееrеd hardwood lеss susceptible to expansion and contraction due to humidity changеs, which is a common concern with solid hardwood. Enginееrеd hardwood is available in various wood species and finishes, allowing you to achieve the desired aesthetic without compromising durability. And a one strong variant is HDF Flooring.

What is HDF Flooring?

The abbreviation HDF stands for High-Density Fibreboard. It is more compact than Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) due to its higher density, typically ranging from 800-1050 kg/m³. This density is achieved by using selected wood fibres, combined with thermosetting resins, pressed under high pressure and heat. The result is a board that offers excellent dimensional stability and a smooth surface.

HDF Flooring Thickness

HDF (High-Density Fibreboard) flooring, often used in laminate floor products, comes in various thicknesses, each serving different purposes and providing varying benefits. When selecting the appropriate HDF flooring thickness, you must consider factors such as foot traffic, subfloor condition, insulation needs, and soundproofing qualities.

Common Thicknesses of HDF Flooring:

  • 6 mm: Typically the thinnest option available. It’s less expensive but might not offer the best in terms of durability and sound insulation. It’s suitable for areas with low foot traffic.
  • 7 mm – 8 mm: A popular choice for residential areas. These thicknesses provide a good balance between cost and performance. They work well in areas with moderate foot traffic.
  • 10 mm: Provides better sound insulation and a more solid feel underfoot than thinner options. It is suitable for high traffic areas in homes.
  • 12 mm: Often considered the premium choice for laminate flooring. It offers the best soundproofing and feels the most like real wood underfoot. This thickness is excellent for high traffic areas and helps in reducing noise between floors in multi-story buildings.

Features of HDF Flooring

  • Dimensional Stability: HDF is less prone to warping or swelling compared to other wood materials, due to its dense and compact structure.
  • Durability: The high density of the fibreboard makes it extremely hard and resistant to daily wear and tear.
  • Aesthetic Versatility: HDF can be finished with a variety of laminates or veneers to mimic different wood grains and colours.
  • Sound Insulation: HDF floors are effective in reducing sound transmission, making them ideal for apartments and multi-story buildings.

Common Uses of HDF Flooring

HDF is predominantly used as a core material for laminate flooring and is also found in higher quality vinyl flooring where additional stability is required. HDF flooring is ideal for residential and commercial spaces with medium foot traffic that require a durable and attractive flooring solution. It is commonly used in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and light commercial areas. However, for bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, moisture-resistant types should be used or alternative flooring should be considered.

HDF Floor Pricing

The cost of HDF flooring can vary widely depending on the quality of the laminate or veneer finish, the thickness of the boards, and the specific brand.

HDF Flooring Installation Techniques

HDF flooring usually employs a floating floor setup, where the planks are interlocked and laid over a subfloor without adhesive. This method allows for expansion and contraction due to changes in humidity. An underlayment is often used to improve moisture resistance and enhance soundproofing.

Thus, HDF flooring offers a blend of durability, stability, and aesthetic flexibility, making it a popular choice among homeowners and commercial property owners alike.

About Action TESA ’s HDF Laminated Flooring

Action TESA’s HDF Laminated Flooring come in two options: Value Added Flooring and Premium Flooring. Both the options are best supplemented with the use of original Action TESA HDHMR Flooring Accessories that includes Skirting, Profile and Beading. These Accessories are available in matching colours/designs and specifications. These are commonly used to enhance and change the looks of any room. These are produced using advance technology and are therefore highly stain-resistant and require very little routing care and maintenance.

Action TESA’s incredible flooring options are designed with the best quality materials and are well-recognized across the globe. They are an extremely trusted Group for incorporating floorings in houses or workplaces.

Action TESA’s designer wooden flooring is extremely trustworthy because of its incredible designs, easy installation and maintenance features whereas the Hardwood Floorings designed by this organization are recognized for being aesthetically pleasing,  delightful appearance, elegant, and glamorous, which is why these floors can be utilized for multiple purposes and in different sectors. If you buy these wooden floorings from Action TESA, the experts take care of all the installation processes and also ensure that no further issues are encountered by the customers.

ACTION TESA wooden flooring is available in two thicknesses, 8mm and 12mm, to match distinct needs such as use on wall panels, low traffic areas, and high traffic zones. Action TESA wooden flooring also comes in AC3, AC4, and AC5 variants. AC3 has an abrasion value of over 2000 cycles, AC4 comes with an abrasion value of 4000 cycles, and AC5 is the best with an abrasion value of 6000 cycles.

People always look for what’s best, when it comes to designing your house/workplace. At Action TESA, genuine products are available, which can be trusted for long-term use. This organization has become immensely popular over the years. This is because of their innovative flooring designs and commitment to excellence. Today, Action TESA is undeniably a well-accepted multi-dimensional organization, which is recognized globally for its unmatched presence in a variety of sectors that, as mentioned above, include Footwear, Electronics (Microtek), Real Estate, Chemicals, Flex Manufacturing, Coal Mining, and MDF & Particle Board.

Concluding Words

Reading so far, we hope this blog article gives you a fair amount of knowledge about the strength of HDF Flooring and why it is considered as the great choice for high-traffic areas. And so, if you happen to be looking for the BEST WOODEN FLOORING IN DELHI, we once again strongly recommend the LAMINATED WOODEN FLOORING options offered by Action TESA, a company that stands out as “India’s largest company offering multiple products for interior use under one roof by producing more than 3 Lakhs SKU’s” – including HDF Flooring! To know more about Action TESA and its HDF Laminated Flooring options, you may click on this link below: