Door Skins

Door Skin

Action TESA is India’s First Company to indigenously manufacture High Density Fibre (HDF) based Door Skins. The HDF manufactured at Action TESA plant is forward integrated into the process for the manufacturing for Door Skins ensuring consistency in quality standards at the highest level. The range constitutes select designs options, created from precisely crafted moulds from Germany for perfect finish highlighting the effects of the textures & shapes. Action TESA range showcases a range of Melamine Faced Decorative Door Skins totally eliminates the hassles of Painting & Polishing associated with the conventional door skins & which is impervious to moisture.

1. Available in Melamine Faced (Moulded & Flush )
2. A wide range of door skin designs for Flush Doors also available.
3. Customized designs can also be manufactured