Action TESA is one of the premium brands of boards and panels in India. The company was initiated in the year 1970 under the leadership and guidance of Shri Mange Lal Agarwal. Since the company has emerged as one of the biggest business houses in the country with a tremendous product portfolio and outstanding performances. The company has revolutionized the panel industry by producing some of the major panels and boards that suit the infrastructure industry. Action TESA is best known for offering Termite proof BWP HDF Board that are extremely reliable and bags in huge customers for the brand. The termite-resistant plywood manufactured by Action TESA is one of the best in the market as they have substituted the use of normal Plywood in India.

The BOILO-BWP HDF boards manufactured by Action TESA are best known for having Termite proof capacity. These boards are the first of their kind in India as Action TESA is the sole producer and supplier of BOILO-BWP HDF boards in India. The inherent properties of High density and boiling water proof feature of these boards make them an extremely reliable and ideal choice for an interior infrastructure. Besides being termite proof, the Boilo-BWP HDF boards are borer proof as well. Manufactured out of the hardwood of Eucalyptus, these boards come with a uniform density gradient and better compact core. With the introduction of Boilo-BWP HDF boards, the company has contributed tremendously to the panel industry.

BOILO-BWP HDF boards by Action TESA have successfully substituted the use of water proof plywoodacross PAN-India. These boards are not only tougher than any available plywood in the market but also are suitable for all climatic conditions be it damp or dry. The indigenous finishing of these boards can be reached by the special German Technology for MAT formation. The termite and borer proof feature of these boards makes them the first choice over water proof plywood.

Boilo-BWP HDF have got a wide application in the market and thus the demand for these boards has increased rapidly since their introduction.

Key Application:

  • Restroom Toilet cubicle
  • Container floor
  • Wall paneling
  • Furniture
  • Fire retardant areas
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Moist Area Furniture
  • Fixtures
  • Bus body floor
  • Load bearing areas- staircases/ warehouse shelves
  • Stage flooring
  • Bathroom furniture


The BOILO-BWP HDF boards introduced by Action TESA have paved away all the myths regarding plywood. The BOILO boards are tougher and reliable than any other traditional product in the panel industry. The water proof capacity of these boards makes them suitable for all environmental conditions. Even in wet and damp areas, these boards can easily rely on upon without additional care. Action TESA offers these plyboards with aforesaid features at an extremely reasonable price making the Boilo-BWP HDF boards highly cost-savvy.

Action TESA is the sole supplier of these Termite Proof HDF Board in India. Besides that, the company also bagged in huge applause and accolades when it introduced the German Dome Technology to be used in each of its products. Each product by Action TESA is made with utmost technicality to keep them safe from borers and termites which are great villains when it comes to wooden furniture or boards. The homogenous construction of each Action TESA product makes it one of the most trusted brands in the country.