With the evolving application of furniture, many new changes are sinking in into the world of furnishingto cater to the growing need and requirements of Indian customers. Among all the myriad products used for interior infrastructure, high gloss acrylic board is one of the classic things that add to the exquisite look of the interior décor. To cater to this massive madness for acrylic boards, Action TESA has introduced High Gloss Acrylic Boards in India. The Action TESA acrylic board offers a rich look and feel along with perfectly fine finishing. Be it for home décor or for decorating the modern lookout of your workspace, Action TESA High Gloss Acrylic surface MDF boards are an ideal choice.

The TESA Acrylic faced boards are known for their unique designs and their classy finishing. The boards are designed to suit all spaces be it the residential segment or the commercial spaces like kitchens, office, cafes etc. With their exotic color pallets and their exceptional intricate designs, Action TESA is one of the most preferred brands for building up beautiful interior décors. The TESA acrylic boards holds the look and feel of the solid surface with ultra-high gloss on the outer layer and to top it the brand offers wide range of designs and effects. Action TESA is one of the best in the market and its high gloss acrylic boards have ruled out in the heart of many leading furniture & modular kitchen manufacturing companies.

The TESA Acrylic Boards have a mirror finish that gives the glass effect with each of its design and color. These acrylic boards not only enhance the beauty of the interiors but also creates an everlasting impression in the eyes of the beholders. The Action TESA acrylic boards are highly cost-effective because they are easy to install. The clean and clear surface of TESA acrylic boards bear natural colors and designs that are breathtakingly beautiful. The TESA acrylic boards are easy to clean, all one needs is a soft wet cloth to wipe away the dust or dirt.

Action TESA caters more than 36 unique designs for beautifying the interiors or furniture of any space be it residential or commercial. These high gloss acrylic boards are highly preferred these days because of their aesthetic layout and look. Resistant from fading, these boards stay fit in all climatic conditions and are anti-alkaline and anti-acid against any disinfectant. These Action TESA high gloss acrylic boards are curated for a myriad of applications like decorating walls, cabinets, household furniture wardrobes, and many more spaces.

Key Features

  • Highly glossy
  • The rich exotic color palette
  • High surface hardness
  • High starch resistance
  • Anti-acid and anti-alkali
  • Resistant to fading

Action TESA being one of the finest brand fostering products for infrastructure building hones the best High Gloss Acrylic Boards in India. These acrylic boards can be used in decorating walls, cabinets, wardrobes, household furniture, kitchen shutters, and many more areas. Imparting richness in look and quality, these acrylic boards are widely preferred in the interior infrastructure industry.