Action TESA is one of the leading business companies in India which deals exclusively with infrastructure products. Wood is the prime priority when it comes to interior décor of the house or an office workspace. Action TESA is the finest brand that caters to a wide range of product specially designed to fit the interior infrastructure. Among the premium range of product, Action TESA offers decorative door skin that ensures that the first impression is presented well. Be it for your home or for enriching the modern layout of your office, Action TESA Door Skin adorns your doors with a classic and aesthetic look.

Being one of the rapidly growing conglomerates, Action TESA is the only brand in India that indigenously produces Door Skin to enhance the look of traditional and flush doors. Action TESA is the sole manufacturer of Melamine Door skin. The company offers wide variants of Door Skin starting from moulded to flush doors. The door skin produced by Action TESA is made out of High Density Fibre. The brand never compromises on the structuring of its product hence it uses the finest of foreign technology to give the best quality product to the clients.

Action TESA door skin is available in unique designs and layouts which are specially crafted and moulded to fit in the diverse requirement list of the clients. The design option is created out of specially crafted moulds from Germany. This ensures to exhibit a fine factory finishing which highlights the intricate texture and shapes carved on the door skin. The company offers exceptional designs from vintage to modern that is hardly available anywhere else in the market. The substrate of these melamine door skins comes with a Water-resistant capacity. The variation in mould designs offers something fresh and new everytime. The substrate is ideal for cold pressing with its durable structuring.

The Action TESA Melamine-faced Door skin is cost-savvy as it prevents the application of any other paint thus reducing manwork. It totally eliminates the hassle of any painting, polishing or lamination which were highly associated with conventional doors that were impervious to moisture. The substrate of the door skin is made from Melamine Urea Glue thus ensuring strength and stability. Action TESA door skin can be trimmed from all the four sides to perfectly fit into the contour of the door. The company also vouches to customize the door skins as per the order of the customer. Action TESA can also produce Melamine Flat Door Skin of an exclusive design for special customers who are intending for long-term dealings.

Perks of Action TESA Door Skin

  • Ready to use
  • Melamine moulded & flash
  • No hassle of polishing or painting
  • Densified Fibre Boards
  • Cost savvy
  • Wide variation
  • Exclusive designs for flush door
  • Water-resistant exterior grade
  • Ideal for Cold pressing

A hassle-free option for enriching the standards and look of the conventional flush doors, Action TESA door skin is the best choice available in the market. This cost-efficient door skin caters to all the interior doors offering a wide range of variation in design and texture.