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  • Advantages of Maintaining Laminated Flooring April 17, 2019 As the world has become a place, where everyone is in the race of making their home better than, the other, trend of wooden laminated floor has risen. Laminated flooring is generally done by putting laminated boards in use. The installation of this laminated flooring is the easiest thing, but in case... Read More
  • Action TESA HDHMR DOOR- REINVENTING DOORS March 30, 2021 The brand Action TESA has revolutionized the door industry with its incredible venture. Action TESA HDHMR door has not only bagged huge popularity because of its inherent properties but also has catered to the intricately aesthetic designer doors which do...Read More
  • High Gloss Acrylic Board- The Near Mirror Finish Boards March 30, 2021 With the evolving application of furniture, many new changes are sinking in into the world of furnishingto cater to the growing need and requirements of Indian customers. Among all the myriad products used for interior infrastructure, high gloss acrylic board...Read More
  • Secure your interiors with Termite proof Board March 30, 2021 Action TESA is one of the premium brands of boards and panels in India. The company was initiated in the year 1970 under the leadership and guidance of Shri Mange Lal Agarwal. Since the company has emerged as one of...Read More
  • A Perfect Solution for Your Home Furniture June 28, 2019 Action Tesa has become the first and last stop of every home solution. Be it the furniture or the furnishings none can beat the style, durability, and performance of the products provided by it. Also, the endless options of materials...Read More
  • How does Laminated Flooring Change the Look of Your House April 17, 2019 Laminated flooring is becoming popular in today’s home decor items. In USA, it is known as floating tile, as it made through a composition of multi layer synthetic flooring material merged together by means of lamination process. Compared to other...Read More
  • How to Choose The Right MDF Board April 17, 2019 Medium Density Fiberboard, normally known as MDF boards are the first choice when it comes to choose the pocket friendly wooden furnishing for your home flooring and panels. These boards are generally made through the waste particles of both soft...Read More
  • Find the Best MDF Board Manufacturer in Delhi April 17, 2019 In present times the MDF or Medium Density Fiber boards are rapidly replacing the use of ply woods and even solid hardwoods because it is cheap, readily available and can be used in several ways. It is no longer looked...Read More
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