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  • Advantages of Maintaining Laminated Flooring April 17, 2019 As the world has become a place, where everyone is in the race of making their home better than, the other, trend of wooden laminated floor has risen. Laminated flooring is generally done by putting laminated boards in use. The installation of this laminated flooring is the easiest thing, but in case... Read More
  • Here’s why the High Gloss Boards make for perfect eccentric house decor! April 27, 2021 Action Tesa produces two types of High Gloss Boards; UV High Gloss Board and Acrylic High Gloss Board, which come in very handy for various uses and requirements. These incredible UV High Gloss Manufacturer manufacture boards possessing the highest quality...Read More
  • Boilo BWP HDF Boards – a universal change in Industry! April 27, 2021 The Indian Panel Industry is growing on an average of 20 percent annually and it does not aim to stop anywhere close. Action Tesa, India's renowned and largest business house has a life changing product in the market, BOILO -...Read More
  • HDHMR Boards – a lifesaver in the panel industry! April 27, 2021 HDHMR Boards stand for High Density High Moisture Resistance Boards. This board is the best available product in the panel industry of India. However, HDHMR Boards that are produced and sold by Action TESA are one of a kind and...Read More
  • Create your Restroom Cubicle with Boiling Water Proof Plywood April 2, 2021 Nothing would be more satisfying than having boiling waterproof board used in spaces where water becomes a threat. Action TESA holds the pride to be the first in India to have heard the woes of many by bringing out premium...Read More
  • Design your interiors with the best Particle Boards Manufactures in India April 2, 2021 The infrastructure industry has gone through massive evolution and up-gradation in the last few years. Wood being the primary choice for furnishing the interior space, Particle Boards have bagged in huge demand since interior décor has been a matter of...Read More
  • Buy Premium Door Skin to Make Your Doors Classic April 2, 2021 Action TESA is one of the leading business companies in India which deals exclusively with infrastructure products. Wood is the prime priority when it comes to interior décor of the house or an office workspace. Action TESA is the finest...Read More
  • Action TESA HDHMR DOOR- REINVENTING DOORS March 30, 2021 The brand Action TESA has revolutionized the door industry with its incredible venture. Action TESA HDHMR door has not only bagged huge popularity because of its inherent properties but also has catered to the intricately aesthetic designer doors which do...Read More
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