Besides putting resources into research and technology, Action Tesa is one brand that has paid keen interest in resolving consumers’ concerns related to safety and quality. As a result, Action Tesa is the only one who researched & invented its unique and most featured product BOILO- BWP FR HDF BOARD “BOILING WATER PROOF FIRE RETARDANT HIGH DENSITY FIBRE BOARD.”

BOILO- BWP FR HDF BOARD by Action Tesa is Boiling Water Proof, Fire Retardant, Termite & Borer Proof, Fungus Resistance, and has a higher density than standard plywood, making it more dependable, reliable, and load bearing than any other brand’s termite proof plywood available worldwide.

Action Tesa’s BOILO – A Far Better Alternative to the Regular Fire Retardant Plywood

BOILO- BWP FR HDF BOARD “BOILING WATER PROOF FIRE RETARDANT HIGH DENSITY FIBRE BOARD is a result of Action Tesa’s constant research, and we’re about to learn why humanity should be grateful for this discovery.

Reduces the chances of fire:
Unfortunate events, such as a fire-related accident, do not knock on your door in advance. The consequences of these incidents can result in severe trauma and property loss. Hence, the proverb “Precautions are better than cure” is so viable in such cases. Action Tesa’s BOILO is one of the best safety measures you can put in place in your home. BOILO is created using an innovative approach and cutting-edge technology. It has been treated for flammability, which reduces the likelihood of spreading fires in your home or office and gives you sufficient time to take the preventive measure to contain the damage of property and life.

Gives them time to escape a fire accident:
Getting out of a burning building is a major issue during a fire. The furniture catches fire so quickly that it is nearly impossible to save it. To address this issue, Action Tesa has created BOILO with Flame Retardant 3 Times more against passing parameter of IS 5509:2000- Fire Retardant Plywood, which means flames have to work extra minutes to penetrate a sheet of BOILO. When such incidents occur, your loved ones and you have enough time to run away safely from the incident location.

Weather-resistant and Boiling waterproof:
Tesa’s BOILO not only ensures fire safety, but it is also boiling waterproof and weather-resistant in nature. Because of the advanced technology used in the manufacturing sector, it offers the least water absorption & has the least linear and thickness swelling when it comes in contact with water.

Borer and Termite proof:

Go through our blog to know how Borer and termites can ruin your wood work. To overcome termite and borer issues, Action Tesa’s BOILO- BWP FR HDF BOARD is available, which comes with a termite-proof testing certificate from IPRITI.

Low smoke generation and low emission:
The smoke and toxic gases that emit during a fire accident cause severe suffocation, which impedes the evacuation process. Technological advancements by Tesa’s researchers have resulted in fire-resistant chemicals that improve BOILO’s ability to emit low smoke, allowing toxic gases such as carbon dioxide emitted during burning to be reduced significantly.

BOILO- BWP FR HDF BOARD “BOILING WATER PROOF FIRE RETARDANT HIGH DENSITY FIBRE BOARD from Action Tesa can be used almost anywhere in your home or office. Plain and Prelam are the two variants that provide durability, superior strength and ultimate flexibility, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

– At Home:
Your home is your heaven, where you want to feel safe and happy. As a result, Tesa’s BOILO is ideal for residential buildings that can offer fire-retardant properties along with many others. These properties, which are built into and embedded in the polymer matrix of BOILO, ensure that no surface enhancement or treatment erodes the fire retardant properties. As a result, you can decorate your home furniture however you want without fear of losing its fire-retardant properties.

It is especially useful in high-traffic areas because it can protect the structure’s integrity during an emergency, giving families time to escape and firefighters time to try to put out the fire.

Recommended Uses: To keep open fires at bay, BOILO FR HDF Board in the kitchen. It is suitable for use on your dining table or any other furniture that is prone to catching fire due to lit candles or other fire-related accessories.

– At Office: You spend a significant portion of your day at work. The place where you gain knowledge and earn your living should provide you with the safety you deserve. Another thing to keep in mind is that many offices that work with a large number of people require equipment that can catch fire. When your office building is in such danger, it’s only prudent to use BOILO- BWP FR HDF BOARD “BOILING WATER PROOF FIRE-RETARDANT HIGH-DENSITY FIBRE BOARD from Action Tesa.

Recommended Uses: Use BOILO FR HDF Board where there is a risk of fire /shortcircuits / heavy impacts on the floor.
These characteristics of BOILO- BWP FR HDF BOARD “BOILING WATER PROOF FIRE-RETARDANT HIGH-DENSITY FIBRE BOARD from Action Tesa make it the ideal choice for homes, offices, and restaurants where the risk of fire is high. Let’s sum up the blog with a single strong statement: “Regain your peace of mind with Action Tesa’s BOILO- BWP FR HDF BOARD.”