The brand Action TESA has revolutionized the door industry with its incredible venture. Action TESA HDHMR door has not only bagged huge popularity because of its inherent properties but also has catered to the intricately aesthetic designer doors which do the magic in the very first impression. The premium quality of High Density High Moisture Resistance doors have the characteristics that suits all climatic condition while retaining the classic look that it imparts. Honing the desirable features of structure strength, long lasting durability, and innovative application, Action TESA HDHMR doors are the new age trend of the market.

Fabricated out of eucalyptus hardwood, these HDHMR doors are known for their outstanding gradient density that is uniform across the surface. Action TESA has used the latest German Technology for the MAT formation of these doors. The HDHMR doors by Action TESA has been crafted out of the strongest fibres of eucalyptus and has got the in-house glue that enhances the performance of these doors.TESA HDHMR doors are designed not only to complement the interiors of your dream house but also will reflect the classic modern outlook when hinged in a commercial workspace. The compact core of these HDHMR doors along with the uniform gradient density gives the effective routing capacity.

Tougher and more durable than anyother plyboard doors available in the market, HDHMR doors have transformed the fate of doors across India. With nominal cost and the Termite Resistant facilities, these HDHMR doors are all ready-to-use when it reaches your doorstep.  The excellent performance of HDHMR doors is instilled in the very formation of the door. HDHMR are resistant to borer and termites thus protecting the life of the doors. As the name suggests, HDHMR doors are highly moisture resisting the soaking or absorbance of any moisture. This property of Action TESA HDHMR doors makes it efficient for an all-weather condition which keeps on deflecting.

The best part about HDHMR doors is the price they are available in.Action TESA has introduced the special quality of 30mm and 32mmHDHMR especially to build designerdoors. The solid hardwood of these doors ensures paramount safety. The HDHMR doors are cost savvy as it can hold paint without any waviness and consumes minimal paint.

The innovative application of HDHMR doors is all set to replace the traditional flush doors. The high durability of HDHMR doors makes it efficient enough to be cast into any design as per the Architect or according tothe Customer’s choice. With a smooth ideal surface to hold the laminate, these doors can absorb minimal paint to fit into the decorative door frame. The joint-less surface of Action TESA HDHMR doors conveys a unique and rich look.

Offering both laminated and plain HDHMR doors, Action TESA has cateredto numerous big companies who still cherish the performance of Action TESA HDHMR doorsThe company has engagingly initiated a revolution with their HDHMR doors which will change the myth of traditional wooden being long-lasting and durable.