Before explaining anything about HDHMR, one should know the true meaning of this word. HDHMR stands for High Density High Moisture Resistance. It is basically an upgraded term of plywood, used to develop tough and robust wooden usage. Explaining the definition, HDHMR board is made by combining fiber chips, forest wood waste through a homogeneously construction process. These fiber chips are pressed together to form a single layer, removing small wood content to form a robust higher density board. These boards are mainly used where moisture and mould wooden boards are required like kitchen shutters, packing industry furniture, outdoor fixture, etc.

The first main attractive thing about HDHMR board we want to focus is, water resistance. As you can see in the name the term, High density is achieved through the combination of the hard wood particle board along with the special glue pressing technique. These hardwood particles when pressed through the glue, they form a unique water resistance layer through the board. Due to this feature, these boards will take over plywood in kitchen furniture soon and can be used as laminated flooring.

Due to pressing technique small unusable particle get removed from these boards, which makes them termite free too. In plywood making process some content of wood get stuck, which provide easy access to termites in terms of food; but if you are using HDHMR board than there is no need to worry about termites. Due to pressing technique of HDHMR board, several small fibers of wood combines till the time it required density is not achieved.

HDHMR board has a multi dimensional bond with single layer glue architecture, hence it provide higher moisture resistance compared to normal plywood. Where normal plywood catches moisture and there layers start to peel off, HDHMR board will not losses its strength.

Unlike block board, HDHMR boards are made with fiber chips and come with pre paint/polish surface. This feature helps them in veneer pasting along with smooth finish and glossy shine. The high gloss is again protested by water resistant feature – interior design important.

HDHMR board is developed using homogeneously method, which add benefits of carved, mould and routed during the construction process. Because of the multidimensional bond the HDHMR boards comes with higher screw strength, sometime close to 10 times more than usual block board and plywood. Also when talking about the cost effectiveness, HDHMR take over on other wooden boards. publishing source: digitalhalt

Compare to others, they are available in half of the cost. One should also not forget that all the boards are made up using wood chips/ fiber or peeled trunk. HDHMR board has one unique difference compared to others. The construction process of HDHMR board uses fiber chips taken from plantation trees, agriculture waste and 95% of forest wood waste. This unique process excludes the hardwood peeled trunk unlike the block board and plywood.

In the nutshell, these points make HDHMR the first choice for homemakers who want to have designer doors and give luxury look to their house.