Fire resistant HDF boards have undoubtedly become the current trend and a necessity in the world of interior designing. The reason behind this is not just that they look classic, chic, elegant, easy to maintain and modern, but they also keep the houses safe in case of fire. Every wooden furniture is prone to  fire, but to keep those furniture safe is also our duty. So, with the availability of  a good number of fire retardant board or fire retardant plywood manufacturers within our country, be sure that your wooden furniture and all other wooden home/office interiors  can now be safe and sound. The only condition, however, is that you must get to choose the best manufacturer for this product who enjoys a fair amount of proven credibility in the market. And the one name that we can suggest to you in this regard right away is Action TESA that stands out as “India’s largest company offering multiple products for interior use under one roof by producing more than 3 Lakhs SKU’s” – including Fire-resistant/fire-retardant HDF boards by the name BOILO-BWP FR (FIRE RETARDANT) HDF BOARD!

Action TESA: An Introduction

Action TESA is an integral part of The Action Group, which stands tall as one of India’s largest business conglomerates. Over the past few years, Action TESA has become a dominant name on the interior and building solutions industry firmament of India.  Initially, the Action Group began in the early 1970’s, under the leadership and guidance of a revolutionary personality, Shri Mange Ram Aggarwal, who was a Leader, a Visionary and a Philanthropist in every sense. The Action Group started by designing some footwear and soon became a big name in the footwear industry with their extraordinary product, the Action Shoes. Moreover, they became a household name and were motivated by this achievement to keep growing and innovating constantly, while being committed to delivering excellence with each product.

Today, the Action Group is a multi-dimensional company and has a strong presence in the Footwear, Electronics (Microtek), Real Estate, Chemicals, Flex Manufacturing, Coal Mining, MDF & Particle Board sectors.

One of the products designed by Action TESA is the Boiling Water Proof Board, which is a Born Tough HDF Board. It is technically known as BOILO-BWP FR (FIRE RETARDANT) HDF BOARD. This board is specifically designed to meet the needs of the kitchen as well as damp areas. It is fire-retardant, which means that it stays safe during fires and remains  damage-free too. This quality has been tested with  both national and international standards in order to ensure the safety of people and their homes.

Choosing any wooden furniture, flooring or other home/office interior needs from the extraordinary range of the shades that are available in Action TESA  can never go wrong. Along with that, even new colours can be custom-designed if required. Action TESA has indeed revolutionized the world of interior infrastructure manufacturing industry through the availability of unique and trustworthy properties or products at a very budget-friendly cost. This has also replaced the current quality of plywood across India. The products designed by this organization are well-renowned for their excellent performance and overall success. Indeed, Action TESA has definitely overcome the myth regarding plywood, which was related to its toughness & longevity!


Enlisted below are some key features and benefits of choosing Action TESA’s BOILO-BWP FR (FIRE RETARDANT) HDF BOARD:

  • Boiling Water Proof
  • Termite-proof
  • Fire retardant
  • Applicable for painting as well as polishing
  • Durable and high strength
  • Multi-dimensional routing and carving possible
  • Quality impact resistance including no dents
  • Accurate paint coverage because of the low surface absorption
  • Low glue consumption after lamination
  • Low flammability
  • Bubble-free Pre and Post Lamination
  • Lack of core gaps or overlaps
  • Easily polished and can be used as coloured HDF
  • Reduction in wastage generation
  • Strong internal bonding
  • Excellent screw holding capacity
  • Low water absorption
  • Less thickness and swelling
  • Low linear expansion

Some of the key application areas for Action TESA’s BOILO-BWP FR (FIRE RETARDANT) HDF BOARD are Restroom Toilet Cubicle, Thermal Insulation, Load Bearing Area – Decking , Warehouse Shelves and Staircases, Container Floor, Truck Floor, Bus Body Floor, Bathroom Partition, Fire Retardant Application, Flooring, Wall Panelling, Furniture, Fixtures, Modular Kitchen, Wardrobes, and Moist Area Furniture

If you’re still on the crossroads as to whether select BOILO for your homes or not, here’s why it should be the first choice:

  • Boiling Water Proof Board: The surface of the board is boiling water proof, which means it will remain safe and sound irrespective of the water that accidentally falls on the surface.
  • Fire Retardant: It is of utmost importance for homes to be fire retardant to keep the people safe and that is what BOILO offers.
  • Surface Termite & Borer Proof: One of the major reasons why the wooden furniture and floorings are ruined are the termites; therefore, the BOILO guarantees the surface termite and borer proof, as borne out by a 1 Year testing Certificate from IPRITI specifically for protection against termites .
  • Durability: The best part about this product is that it is  highly durable and of the best quality so they can be used long-term without getting damaged.
  • Impact Resistance: Since the BOILO furniture, floors, etc. are durable, their impact resistance capability is high too.
  • Load Bearing: The load bearing capacity of this product has been remarkable and therefore they are ideal for homes.
  • Environment Friendly: Not only is this product of high quality but it is also environment-friendly.
  • Fungus Resistance: The BOILO products are fungus resistant too, which means they cannot be damaged by any fungal presence.
  • Stability: With BOILO it’s not just about the durability but also the stability that the people get to experience.

Therefore, you should not think twice before selecting the well-received Action TESA products for your homes. The  fire resistant HDF boards  offered by Action TESA makes it one of the most reliable fire retardant plywood manufacturers in India and the product  fits-in perfectly with your homes and workplaces.  So, give Action TESA a chance to make your home safe. Apart from this, there are a wide range of products that this organization offers details of which you may check by browsing the company’s website: