High gloss furniture is the current home design style that is trending across the globe. It is modern yet so minimalist. You’ll be hard pressed to find a contemporary home worth its salt that doesn’t have at least one high-gloss statement piece.

High gloss bedroom furniture is all the trend right now, and it’s about time you join this glossy bandwagon and spice-up your space. From our best-selling high-gloss acrylic boards in varying colours and patterns to cleaning and maintenance tips, Action Tesa got you covered.

About Tesa High Gloss Acrylic Board
Tesa’s High Gloss Acrylic Board is available in size of 8’ X 4’ with a thickness of 18MM. As the name says, High Gloss Acrylic Board has a high gloss mirrored finish (just like a back painted glass). Action Tesa’s High Gloss Acrylic Board comes in 33 exotic designs. The product has many applications, however in this blog we will be concentrating its use for in home furniture items only.

Explaining High Gloss Acrylic Board Furniture
High-Gloss Acrylic Boards from Action Tesa do what it says, you’ll be right on the money if you imagine a gloss that’s nearly mirror-like. Tesa High Gloss Acrylic Board will give your furniture a super shiny & light-reflecting surface that will remain as it is for years to come.

Many people perceive furniture crafted using Tesa High Gloss Acrylic Board to be a “specialty” finish because of its smooth and polished appearance. The application of Tesa High Gloss Acrylic Board ensures the end result, which is ultra-sleek and stylish.

Top Attributes of Tesa High Gloss Acrylic Board For Your Furniture Needs

1) Action TESA acrylic board has a high gloss mirror like finish along with clear touch technology which makes your furniture surface, Finger or Impression Resistant.
2) Due to Tesa High Gloss Acrylic Board’s fade resistant property, their colour won’t fade away with time
3) Tesa High Gloss Acrylic Boards are anti-acid & anti–alkali against a variety of disinfectors which makes them timeless.
4) Action Tesa’s High Gloss Acrylic Board comes with high surface hardness, which means they are resistant to scratches.
5) Tesa High Gloss Acrylic Boards are absolutely durable and tough.

Is Tesa High Gloss Acrylic Board furniture in style?

In a word, yeah.

High-gloss Acrylic Board furniture is really fashionable right now. The basic yet high impact elegance of high gloss design is perfect for those who want to keep up with contemporary interior design trends. It’s simple, elegant, long-lasting, easy to keep, budget-friendly, and most importantly, extremely stunning.

Some Popular Tesa High Gloss Acrylic Board furniture

1) Stylish Bed Backs- Tesa High Gloss Acrylic Board is a popular material for bed backs these days. The reason being, Acrylic High Gloss Board from Action Tesa is meticulously crafted to offer the best quality and most practical applications. The Acrylic High Gloss Boards are not only great in looks; they have great functionality. Tesa’s Acrylic High Gloss range comes in more than 33 exotic designs, ranging from Acrylic Red, Graphite Grey, Twilight Grey, 3D Mesh, Chequered Beige, Blue Metallic to Crimson Glitter, to mention a few.

2) Two or Three Drawer Bedside Table – Accessorize your Bed backs with two or three drawer bedside tables. Crafted using Tesa High Gloss Acrylic Board, these statement pieces not only look like an integral part of your space, but plays an important part as well. So, say Goodbye to messy bedsides and add smart storage.

3) High Gloss Cabinet – Do you need a little more room for your miscellaneous items and everything in between? Then you must include a gloss Cabinet crafted using Tesa High Gloss Acrylic Board. Make multiple drawers as per your needs, for crockery, jewellery and other smaller or more valuable items. This furniture item is a sure-shot statement piece for any contemporary living room or bedroom. And trust us, it is both practical and on-trend.

4) High Gloss Dressing Table – Complement your storage units with a stunning high-gloss dressing table. You can even accessorize it with multiple drawers and a stunning stool.
Reading this blog, we assume you are all geared up to give your space a glossy glow-up. If you would like to see what colour options are available with Action Tesa’s High Gloss Acrylic Boards, then explore the webpage or click the link to explore the online brochure . You can even leave the comment in the comment section below and our sales team will connect with you.