Product Awareness Campaign


Action TESA has taken initiative towards creating awareness program pertaining to MDF/Particle Board/ HDHMR/ HDHMR Doors and other value added products offered through CCP’s (Contractor/Carpenter Contact Programmes). This initiative has helped the target audience in upliftment in their profession by overcoming the traditional myth to toughness, longevity and vivid application of the products. Further we could convince them the essence of Engineered Panels in meeting the challenges posed by modern interior infrastructure industry concerning Environment, Aesthetics, Time & Cost. Due to highly interactive & informative sessions CCP’s are highly applauded PAN India.

PROMOTION CAMPAIGN – PRODUCT AWARENESS CAMPAIGN Kudos!!! To astute R & D team of Action TESA for introducing enhanced version of Engineered Panel“THE HDHMR” in the country. HDHMR boards have stormed the panel industry by gaining acceptability in both home & office furniture segment very rapidly. In order to promulgate HDHMR across PAN India, we have initiated Mass Marketing Strategy by driving thematic Poster, Sticker & Brochure campaign. We look forward this initiative will help educating the masses in transforming from the traditional product to THE HDHMR the latest avatar in Panel Industry.

With HDHMR at its Best!!!

Plywood will take Rest!!!