Action Tesa produces two types of High Gloss Boards; UV High Gloss Board and Acrylic High Gloss Board, which come in very handy for various uses and requirements. These incredible UV High Gloss Manufacturer manufacture boards possessing the highest quality and vast range of shades.

The TESA UV Boardsare “ready to use” panels that do not require additional furnishing or changes over the surface and platform it is being used for. The process to make these boards takes immense responsibility and a very detailed procedure where papers of European Decorative are used on the surface of the Exterior Grade MDF Board. The next step is a secret, here, a special kind of prelamination process is taken up before the boards are sent for UV coatings. The UV coating inhibits every prelaminated board to go through a series of nine layer coating. The procedure assures that the quality and life of these boards are long and lasting and do not require additional care.

The UV High Gloss Board have varied usage, they could be used as:

  • Cupboard and Kitchen Shutters
  • Sliding Wardrobes
  • Wall Paneling / Pillars and Embellishments
  • Furniture Panels
  • LCD Display Units
  • Product Display Units
  • Wall Cladding

These boards give your home a furnished and classy look that you strive to achieve through your interior design. The collection consists of more than 45 exotic colors to choose from, so you have an accessible array of choices available and make your home beautiful.

The second type of High Gloss Board from TESA is known for is the Acrylic High Gloss Board. This idea was fueled by the very fact that the interior designing industry is growing at an express speed and urging need and therefore, something new, unique and updated versions of the same products must enter the market. The Acrylic Board Manufacturers brought the acrylic board in the market with 19 attractive colors for interior as well as furniture design applications.

Acrylic High Gloss Boards are easy to install and maintain, eliminating difficult manual tasks. The mirror-like platform only requires a soft wet cloth to clean it, and it is as new as before!

The Acrylic High Gloss Board majorly finds accommodation at houses and home decor. It could be installed as sturdy walls, fancy cabinets, or maybe used to a wholesome style. The natural colors of the boards also allow you to equip them as household decorations, or in your bedroom, living room, as your wardrobe shutters, kitchen shutters, television display box, showpiece displays, pillars, and etc.

Action TESA is welcomed by top brands like TATA Housing, Indiabulls, OYO, Godrej Properties, and more. Action TESA maintains the quality of their products and carry forward the brand name. And the named boards are not the sole product of TESA, they also manufacturesMDF Boards, Particle Boards, HDHMR Boards, BOILO Boards, HDHMR Doors, HDF Laminated Flooring, Embossed HDF Boards, and Door Skins.

Action TESA has also contributed in the tough times of COVID-19 where they had taken an initiative to help out the cause.