Decorating our homes is not just a task for us but a unique emotion altogether. People always prefer the best hardware and decorative supplies to decorate their houses. Through Action TESA, you can get access to UV Acrylic Board Supplier & manufacturer in Karnataka as well. Action TESA is motivated by a spirit of continuous growth, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.

One of India’s most popular business houses, The Action Group was initiated in the 1970’s.  This initiation took place under the incredible management of Shri Mange Ram Aggarwal, who was a Leader, a Visionary and a Philanthropist. The Action Group began its business with the footwear industry, which was the Action Shoes.  But today, this group has become a multi-dimensional company. The Action Group governs the following sectors: Footwear, Electronics (Microtek), Real Estate, Chemicals, Flex Manufacturing, Coal Mining, MDF & Particle Board and more.

Action TESA is a leading organisation in India with a huge market range that comprises multiple products One such product is the High Gloss Board. As soon as the High Glass Boards were launched, they became immensely popular amidst the people. Many people prefer acrylic boards and high gloss boards for decorating their households or offices. There are two kinds of High Gloss Boards designed by Action TESA:

  • UV High Gloss Board: Action TESA’s UV Boards consists of ready to use panels. There is no further finishing required to be done on the surface of these boards. For designing these Exterior Grade MDF Board, the Europium Decorative paper is used on the surface of. Moreover, a special kind of prelamination process is used for making the boards before coating them with UV. For each pre-laminated board designed at Action TESA, a series of 9 layer coating is done.
  • Acrylic High Gloss Board: Action TESA is a rapidly evolving organisation, which is committed to serve the other growing interiors industry. This organisation is known for its innovative and brilliant household designing products that add beauty to any house. The most recent and popular product designed by Action TESA is the High Gloss Acrylic Surface MDF Boards.
    Action TESA’s extraordinary Acrylic Faced MDF consists of a solid acrylic surface combined with an ultra-high gloss surface. Moreover, these acrylic boards come in a variety of design ranges and effects. Every Acrylic Surface Boards that are developed by Action TESA, consists of an incredible mirror quality surface, which looks exactly like a glass mirror.  These acrylic boards are extremely easy to install as well as clean because they only require a soft or wet cloth. All of Action TESA’s Acrylic Boards have a natural colour along with unique designs. The huge collection of acrylic boards at Action TESA comprises 19 exotic designs, which are especially created for the interior and exterior furniture designs. There are a variety of application areas for Action TESA’s  Acrylic Boards.

The acrylic boards designed by Action TESA are used for decorating the walls/cabinets of your house or to completely re-style the house. Moreover, these acrylic boards are also utilised for some household decoration furniture, which includes bedroom, living room, wardrobe, shutters, kitchen and plenty of other multi-purpose applications .

First impressions are extremely important for us, therefore when it comes to designing the interiors and exteriors of your house, the acrylic boards are the best option for you. At Action TESA, you get access to multiple acrylic board designs for your houses.

Advantages of selecting an acrylic board for your house are:

  • Stylish Window Panes and Frames: Decorate all the window-panes in your house with stylish acrylic boards.
  • Elegant Furniture and Coverings: With Action TESA’s latest acrylic designs  you can get access to elegant furniture and coverings for your households.
  • Kitchen Decorations: If you’re looking for the best design for your kitchens, acrylic boards are the answer to that problem.
  • Doors and Windows: Acrylic board designs by Action TESA helps you decorate and furnish your house with latest design of doors and windows
  • Picture Frames: With acrylic boards you can decorate different types of picture frames according to your choices

It is a well-known fact that Action TESA is committed towards achieving excellence by introducing new and innovative products for the Indian Interior Infrastructure Industry. These include HDHMR, HDHMR Door, AC-5 HDF Laminated Flooring, FR Grade MDF and more. To learn more about the UV Acrylic Board supplier & manufacturer in Karnataka, connect with Action TESA through