Doors have been in use ever since the time of the earliest civilization. The earliest reference to the most ancient door is the olivewood door of the Temple of God built by King Solomon, as also the door in Egyptian tombs. In Mesopotamia, doors were made of hides and textiles, while ancient Greek used stone doors. Hopping on to the 21st century, the concept of single or double doors has continued incorporating the designs, build quality, and aesthetics that technological advancement has enabled. In terms of applicability, doors have provided security, privacy, and aesthetics to the house or building. The material and design of the door have been largely influenced by the locally available materials. From being something that is custom made in-site to the building under construction, technology and global trade have resulted in the doors of different type-design, material, aesthetics, and functionality being mass-manufactured by the door manufacturers. In India, door manufacturing happens in several ways. These doors can be categorised based on factors like material used, door structure, and functionality. And if you are looking for the best door manufacturers in India, may we suggest you to explore Action TESA’s revolutionary HDHMR Doors – made from the Best HDHMR Board in India – that has gone a long way in establishing this company as one of the Top door manufacturers in India!

Let us first tell you a little more about Action TESA:

About Action TESA

Action TESA stands out as “India’s largest company offering multiple products for interior use under one roof by producing more than 3 Lakhs SKU’s”. The company is an integral part of The Action Group, which stands tall as one of India’s largest business conglomerates. The Group was established in the early 1970s under the guidance of Shri N. K. Aggarwal, who was a respected leader, visionary, and philanthropist. The company’s journey began with Action Shoes – a footwear brand that quickly gained popularity and became a household name. Propelled by a spirit of continuous growth, innovation, and a commitment to excellence, the Group subsequently diversified its operations across multiple sectors including footwear, electronics, real estate, chemicals, flex manufacturing, coal mining, and engineered wood panel products.

Correctly interpreting the expected future increase in demand for MDF, the Group proactively expanded its portfolio to include the manufacturing of Particle board & MDF, along with a range of value-added products such as HDHMR, Boilo, HDF Laminate Wooden Flooring, Embossed HDF, UV-coated panel, Acrylic hi-gloss boards, and HDHMR doors under the brand name Action TESA. With a combination of technical expertise and an extensive array of designs available in a rich palette, Action TESA products have today emerged as the preferred choice for customers. Notably, Action TESA proudly installed India’s first and only 7th generation Contiroll machine from Seimpelkamp GmbH & Co., Germany, solidifying its position as the largest engineered wood panel products manufacturer in the country with an annual production capacity of 750,000 CBM. This commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that Action TESA maintains its leading position in the panel industry today.

As of now, Action TESA has achieved several significant milestones. To name a few: it introduced the first thin MDF plant in India and currently holds the top position in the panel industry within the country. The company also pioneered the introduction of DOME Technology, providing unique features for each product. Additionally, Action TESA established the first true HDF-based laminate wooden flooring manufacturing facility in India. Furthermore, the company introduced UV High Gloss Panels for the first time in the country. This unwavering commitment to innovation and advancement has solidified Action TESA’s corporate leadership position in all its respective fields.

Now, a few words about Action TESA’s revolutionary HDHMR Doors:

About Action TESA HDHMR Doors

Action TESA’s HDHMR Doors, as the name suggests, are made from HDHMR Board which in turn has many characteristics that make it apparently the first choice of consumers and influencers. These  characteristics include High Density, High Moisture Resistance, Borer Resistance, Termite Resistance, and a ready-to-use smooth surface.

At Action TESA, the HDHMR board is manufactured using hardwood and its density is over 850 kg/m3. It has a uniform density gradient & a compact core which gives it the best routing characteristics. This is achieved by using special German Technology for MAT formation & 8 cylinders, and 18 daylight press-the 1st in India. Action TESA HDHMR is tougher than any available plywood in the market and it is moisture resistant too, which makes it an ideal board in extremely moist climatic conditions.

Action TESA actually revolutionized the interior infrastructure industry by extending fore-stated inherent properties at a very nominal cost, thus replacing plywood rapidly across PAN India. The excellent performance of these boards has succeeded in overcoming the traditional myth regarding plywood pertaining to toughness & longevity. It is needless to mention that Action TESA HDHMR  is real value for money & certainly a better option.

As regards the Action TESA HDHMR Doors, it is truly revolutionary as “HDHMR Door” happens to be the latest avatar for Door Industry. This novel application adds wings to your Doors in both commercial and residential segment. Inheriting the desirable properties viz. strength, durability & innovative application “HDHMR Door” is in many ways the best available substitute of Flush Doors & Traditional Doors. Manufactured by using the finest and strongest wood fibres of eucalyptus hard wood and best quality glue made in-house enhances the desired product performance.


Having read so far, we hope this blog article gives you a fair idea about what to look for while searching for the for the best door manufacturers in India. And we take this opportunity to invite you to visit the nearest studio of Action TESA to get a first-hand feel of its revolutionary HDHMR Doors – made from the Best Engineered wood in India – that has gone a long way in establishing it as one of the Top door manufacturers in India! It is need to mention that it can beat any door made from best plywood in India to know more about Action TESA’s HDHMR Doors, you may click on this link below: