Nothing would be more satisfying than having boiling waterproof board used in spaces where water becomes a threat. Action TESA holds the pride to be the first in India to have heard the woes of many by bringing out premium Boiling Water Proof Board exclusively for spaces where water becomes the primary troublemaker. The brand has introduced ‘BOILO-BWF HDF Boards’ whichare a range of plyboards that resist the effect of boiling water on their surface. To adhere to the huge demand for waterproof plywood and to cater to the varying application, Action TESA brings in the unique product that has bagged a massive positive response since they are launched in the Panel Industry.

The Boilo Plywood manufactured by Action TESA is best known for its innate capacity of resisting the adverse effects of hot water. The Action TESA waterproof boards are manufactured with indigenous wood fibers and have got a homogenous structuring. These boiling waterproof board has got higher density as compared to other plyboards in the market. The wood fiber of this Action TESA product has been bonded with thermosetting resin with MAT finishing that has been homogenously spread all across the surface. The MAT layer is placed in the upper outer surface of the plyboard that is pressed under optimum temperature and pressure. Hydraulic Pressure is used for granting a smooth finishing of the MAT layer.

The BOILO boards by Action TESA have got in unique properties of BWF, HDF, and Fire-resistant that make them one of their kind. These boards are extremely reliable for wide application because of their innate strengths and functionalities. The Boiling waterproofboards offered by Action TESA come with borers and termites proof feature which makes them even more suitable and trusted products for varying usage. The internal bonding capacity of these boards gives them a unique screw holding capacity that gives them an edge over other products in the market. Being one of the most trusted brand names in the Panel industry, Action TESA makes sure that the BOILO board has undergone tests and receive certification from authorities.

The fire-retardant capacity of Action TESA BOILO boards makes them an ideal choice for a safe environment as in school and colleges. To add to its characteristics, the compact core and higher density of these boards give them superior strength for high load-bearing capacity. Suitable for all environmental conditions, these boards are also resistant to fungus, making them ideal for damp spaces.


  • Tough surface
  • Higher density
  • Compact Core
  • Termites & Borers Proof
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Boiling Waterproof
  • High dimension stability
  • Environment Friendly
  • High impact resistant
  • Anti-fungus
  • Fire retardant

Action TESA being one of the first brands of Boiling Waterproof Board across the globe has always prioritized customers. The company never compromises on making its product ideal for all construction. BOILO is one of the indigenous creations of Action TESA has it has a wide array of applications. String from Restroom cubicle, Fly Ash Brick Making, Flooring of a bus to Damp areas as in washrooms, Action TESA boiling waterproof plyboards one of the best available in the market.