Designer Flooring and Hardwood Flooring are some of the most popular flooring choices amidst the people today. If you too are looking for a stylish, elegant and durable flooring choice with plenty of designs to choose from, Action TESA is the best place for you. A globally renowned organization, the Action Group is undoubtedly India’s Largest business organization. The Action Group  was founded in the early years of 1970 by Shri Mange Ram Aggarwal, who was a leader, visionary and a philanthropist.

During the initial phases of this organization, The Action Group used to be a footwear industry. The brand name for this was Action Shoes. Even during that phase, the Action shoes became a household selling name. But, as the market demand was increasing for the MDF, The Action Group started to design MDF/HDHMR and Particle Board. These were created with the following options: Pre-laminated Particle Board, MDF, & HDHMR, HDF Laminate Wooden Flooring, Embossed HDF, UV Coated Panel, Acrylic Hi Gloss Boards, and HDHMR Doors.

Laminated floors are designed using the individual planks that are locked on to each other by clicking. Even after that the individual planks do not get attached to the sub-floor, where it is installed. Generally, these floorings comprise a HDF based tongue and groove interlocking flooring system that are put on top of other materials, such as, concrete slab or hardwood flooring. Then these hardwood or designer floors are suitable for installation.

There are two major types of Laminated floorings:

  • Normal Flooring
  • Value Added Flooring

Both, normal and value added floorings are popular because of the simple installation and maintenance processes. Moreover, the easy cleaning methods, stain resistance and durable surface are an added advantage for the customers.

The four pillars of laminated flooring are:

  • Wear resistant SURFACE LAYER : The first layer of the laminated flooring is an Aluminium Oxide coated tissue. This automatically makes the flooring surface resistant to impact, scratches, burns and stains.
  • Printed Decorative Paper Layer: The second layer of the laminated flooring is designed using the wood grain or patterns.
  • Core: The third layer consists of the HDF 8mm & 12mm
  • Balancing Paper: The fourth  layer provides balance to the construction, which prevents warpage.

It is a widely known fact that engineered hardwood or the designer floors are two of the most popular options available in the market today. It is understandable why some customers find it difficult to differentiate between the good and bad floorings. Moreover, there are multiple flooring materials available in the market too. Hence, it becomes fundamental to have complete knowledge about the flooring options and materials. But little do the customers know that Action TESA’s incredible flooring options designed with the best quality materials are well-recognized across the globe. They are an extremely trusted group for incorporating floorings in houses or workplaces.

Action TESA’s designer flooring is extremely trustworthy because of its incredible designs, easy installation and maintenance features whereas the Hardwood Floorings designed by this organization are recognized for being aesthetically pleasing,  delightful appearance, elegant, and glamorous, which is why these floors can be utilized for multiple purposes and in different sectors. If you buy these floorings from Action TESA, the experts take care of all the installation processes and also ensure that no further issues are encountered by the customers.

Benefits of using Designer and Hardwood Flooring  for your house or workplace are:

Enhances beauty: Designer and Hardwood Floors will definitely enhance the beauty of your houses or workplaces. All of the floorings are available in different textures and vivid colours at Action TESA.
Durable: The floorings designed by Action TESA are developed using the latest technologies, therefore they have unmatched strength, durability and stability.
Variety of Options: There are multiple varieties and options available in designer and hardwood floors at Action TESA.
Easy Installation: The designer and hardwood floorings are extremely easy to install and reinstall.
Simple Maintenance: The floors are engineered hardwood and designer floors, which can be simply maintained and removed.

People always look for what’s best, when it comes to designing your house/workplace. At Action TESA, genuine products are available, which can be trusted for long-term use. This organization became immensely popular over the years. This is because of their innovative flooring designs and commitment to excellence.  Action TESA is undeniably a multi-dimensional organization, which is recognized globally for its unmatched presence in the following sectors: Footwear, Electronics (Microtek), Real Estate, Chemicals, Flex Manufacturing, Coal Mining, and MDF & Particle Board.

Connect with Action TESA’s to learn in detail about the Designer Flooring and Hardwood flooring. Action TESA is a well-renowned organization, which provides the best flooring options. To access other details about the variety of flooring options, visit its official website,