The Indian Panel Industry is growing on an average of 20 percent annually and it does not aim to stop anywhere close. Action Tesa, India’s renowned and largest business house has a life changing product in the market, BOILO – BWP HDF BOARD that is “Boiling Water Proof High Density Fiber Board (HDF)”.

The Boilo- BWP HDF is an incredible invention for the industry which is better than BWP Plywood. The name suggests why the product is unique, the board could be used and installed in places with extreme conditions. For instance, these panels could be used in places where there are wet areas and conditions, therefore, these panels could be used in restroom cubicles, lockers, bathroom vanity….. They could also be used in terms of load bearing platforms and surfaces to endure high amounts of weight, for example being used as stage flooring or in warehouses to store equipment. The Boilo- BWP HDFpanel could also be fit for a bus body and floor since there is a huge crowd and too much congestion, and lastly at places with temperature issues.

Other uses of BOILO has a long list of the following:

  • Restroom Toilet Cubicle / Bathroom
  • Load bearing areas – Decking / Warehouse Shelves / Staircases
  • Truck floor or Container floor
  • Bus and Body floor
  • Wall Paneling (eg: bathrooms, storerooms, etc.)
  • Furniture
  • Fixtures
  • Moist area furniture
  • Stage flooring

However, the company has introduced two variants of BOILO, one is Plain BOILO and another Pre-lam BOILO. These panels could be used for home and office furniture, modular kitchens, wardrobes for a vast lifestyle.

The Boilo-BWP HDF boards are a safeguard! These panels are strong and durable, and they sustain all kinds of climatic changes. All in all, TESA Action is taking the panel industry ahead with their innovative products and increasing market value together.

The Action Group was initially introduced in the earlier years of the 1970s when they began operating in the footwear industry. Gradually, the business diversified and entered into sectors like Electronics, Real Estate, Chemicals, Flex Manufacturing, Coal Mining, and MDF and Particle board.  Action TESA was formed into a separate organization when a great market demand for MDF&Particle Board was foreseen. Foresighting the future need of Indian Panel Industry the company ventured into introducing innovative products viz, HDHMR Boards, HDHMR Door & Boilo-BWP HDF to the India Panel Industry.Action TESA has the distinction of installing India’s 1st and only 7th generation Contiroll from Siempelkamp GmbH & Co., Germany. It has the distinction of installing the first True HDF Based Laminate Wooden Flooring manufacturing facility in India. The company also has a credit score for introducing UV High Gloss Panel for the first time in India.