One of the most widely accepted HDF board is Action Tesa’s BOILO – Boiling Water Proof HDF Board, used extensively for interior applications with wet conditions, high temperatures, high load bearing capacity and high traffic areas. Action Tesa’s BOILO – Boiling Water Proof HDF Board is available in two varieties – Plain BOILO and Pre-lam BOILO, both are structurally stable for not only dry but wet conditions as well.

In places subjected to prolonged exposure to damp or extreme weather conditions, most of the interior designers, decorators, and woodworkers select Action Tesa’s BOILO -Boiling Water Proof FR HDF Board.

Let’s take a look at some of the Action Tesa’s BOILO -Boiling Water Proof FR HDF Board’s inside, semi-outdoor, and outdoor applications.

  • Restroom Toilet Cubicle
  • Load Bearing Areas – Decking, Warehouse shelves and/or Staircases
  • Container Floor, Truck Floor and Bus Body Floor
  • Moist Area Furniture
  • Stage Flooring
  • Wall Panelling
  • Bathroom Vanity
  • Bathroom Partitions
  • Vanity Vans
  • Food Truck | Vans | Cart

What are the advantages of Action Tesa’s BOILO -Boiling Water Proof FR HDF Board?

Using Action Tesa’s BOILO -Boiling Water Proof FR HDF Board over any BWP Plywood is advantageous for a variety of reasons.

Let’s take a look at two of them in detail.

  • Increases the lifetime of furniture – Action Tesa’s BOILO -Boiling Water Proof FR HDF Board has the highest internal density of all the plywood grades (check for the comparison chart below). It resists cracking, breaking, shrinking, twisting, and warping as a result.
  • Zero core gaps – Unlike any plywood which are constructed by pasting multiple veneers, Action Tesa’s BOILO -Boiling Water Proof FR HDF Board is a single core product. This makes BOILO a fine product with zero core gaps and borers and termites proof.

Why BOILO – Boiling Water Proof HDF Board and Not any BWP Plywood?

  • A Small Comparison Chart:
BOILO – Boiling Water Proof HDF Board BWP Plywood
Very High Surface Density Range of 1180 kg/m3, which makes it highly dent resistant. Relatively Low Surface Density Range of 750 kg/mmakes it susceptible to dents.
Very High Bonding Strength Low Bonding Strength
High Dimensional Stability leads to low water absorption, lesser thickness swelling and much lower liner expansion.


Low Dimensional stability leads to 7 times more water absorption, twice thickness swelling and 3 times the linear expansion for a given period of time.
Low Flame Spread Index High Flame Spread Index
Very high load bearing strength. Low load bearing strength
Shows higher water resistance Shows lower water resistance
Has High Durability Has low Durability
Exhibits Higher Termite resistance Exhibits Lower Termite resistance

Final words

Most clients are duped by unscrupulous builders and retailers that sell BWP Plywood at a significantly higher price. One of the most puzzling considerations you’ll have to make as you plan and budget for your apartment’s interiors is which brand of board or plywood to buy. For nearly any application that demands high-quality, dimensionally stable sheets of wood, Action Tesa is the most sought-after brand. We manufacture BOILO – Boiling Water Proof FR HDF Board, having carved out a recognised niche for ourselves in the timber sector.

For more information on the attributes, uses and benefits of BOILO – Boiling Water Proof HDF Board, explore our online brochure.