Are you on the lookout for a versatile wood product that would work well in kitchens, closets, and furniture? Say, something that comes along with features like high density and moisture-resistance and which can also protect your interiors against termites and bugs? Well, you need not look any further! Know that all of these requirements can be met by your choosing and using HDHMR boards! And before it starts worrying you – right at the outset, let us also tell you that in spite of so many features, these HDHMR boards are not very expensive; albeit the HDHMR BOARD PRICE may vary depending mainly upon its quality derived from the process of manufacturing.

The abbreviation “HDHMR” in HDHMR Board stands for High Density High Moisture Resistance Board and it provides exactly that. Its unparalleled quality and countless applications have indeed revolutionized the Indian interior design industry to such an extent that most commercial plywood manufacturers have started incorporating this material into their collections.

You may wonder what makes it so popular and desired by architects and designers across the country?
There are several reasons for it, but let us begin by a basic understanding of what exactly is a an HDHMR board and how is it manufactured.

Broadly understood, an HDHMR board is made using a homogenous manufacturing process that combines fibre chips and forest wood waste. The fibre chips are pressed together to form a single layer, after which small amounts of wood are removed from there to create a sturdier board with higher density.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how HDHMR boards are manufactured, here’s why you should consider using them in your home renovations and even construction projects, if applicable.

Main Properties of an HDHMR Board
 They have higher screw holding strength due to its uniform density gradient and compact core
 They enjoy high density on account of the hardwood and special glue pressing technique used in its manufacturing process
 They are chemically treated for making them termite-proof and borer resistant
 They are tougher than plywood
 They are environmentally-friendly because they are made from fibre chips taken from plantation trees, agriculture waste and 95% of forest wood waste
 They do not cause splinters or chipping
 They have higher resistance to water compared to plywood because of its multi-dimensional bond with single layer glue architecture
 Their zero-bubble finish adds enhanced aesthetic value to the finished product
 Since they are made of wood chips/fibre or peeled trunk, it costs half of the other materials in the industry

Key Applications of HDHMR boards
These HDHMR boards are mainly used wherever there is the express requirement for moisture-resistant and moulded wooden boards. They can be mainly used in the construction of:

 Kitchen cabinets
 Doors
 Floorings
 Closets
 Outdoor fixtures
 Shelves
 Panels
 As a replacement for flush doors, and more.

Thus, the fact that HDHMR boards have so many stand-out features and that they can be used for a variety of things is what makes them so popular among architects and designers. As things stand today, they may even begin to take the place of plywood in kitchen furnishings and laminated flooring. So, if you haven’t yet made up your mind about using HDHMR boards, it’s high time you did that now!

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Another main differentiator here is the use of special German Technology for MAT formation & 8 cylinders, 18 daylight press – which is the 1st in India – as the integral part of its manufacturing process. Unrivalled feature like this and more – like, High Density, High Moisture Resistance, Borer Resistance, Termite Resistance, Environment Friendly – is what makes Action TESA HDHMR board the first choice of consumers and influencers! To know more about us and our Action TESA HDHMR board, you may reach out to us for queries or for more information about the best HDHMR BOARD PRICE that you may get here, and we’ll certainly get back to you as soon as possible!