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The goal to reach the top is the reason why Actiontesa stands where it does today. What most see at a glance is the result of hard work and sincere efforts over a prolonged period of time. Reaching the top is no easy feat, but we are now recognized as one of India’s leading brands that offer home décor solutions.

Our Story

Over the Years

March 2023


Launched Super Matte Series “Ornamatte” Highly Scratch Resistance Board (Gold without Glitter)

March 2022


Abraze – Highly Scratch Resistant Pre Laminated MDF Board Introduced for the 1st time in India

March 2020

Boilo BWP FR HDF Board

For the 1st time in Panel Industry Across the Globe Boilo BWP FR HDF Board “Sabse Majboot”

November 2018


For the 1st time in Indian Panel Industry HDHMR Doors launched. “Technology ka Naya Darwaza”

March 2018

MDF Technology Plant

Commenced World Best MDF Technology Plant by Siempelkamp.

August 2014

HDHMR Boards

Introduced HDHMR Boards, changing the interior world by substitute of Plywood. “The Power of New technology”

January 2013

Thick MDF

Commencement of commercial production of Thick MDF.

October 2011

UV High Gloss Boards

First Indian company to launch UV High Gloss Boards.

March 2010

HDF Laminated Flooring

First Indian Company to manufacture HDF Laminated Flooring indigenously & making India free from import & foreign revenue pressure.

Feb 2010

Thin MDF

First Indian Company to launch Thin MDF in India.