HDHMR Boards stand for High Density High Moisture Resistance Boards. This board is the best available product in the panel industry of India. However, HDHMR Boards that are produced and sold by Action TESA are one of a kind and much more long lasting than other boards in the market. The Action TESA HDHMR boards are manufactured using Eucalyptus hardwood and have density of more than 850 Kg/m3. Therefore, the boards are dense and prevent moisture from entering its depth, unlike other available products in the market.

TESA HDHMR Boards consist of the best routing characteristics because of the maintained uniformity in density gradient and compact core, which is nonetheless accomplished by using special German Technology for MAT formation, eight cylinders, and 18 daylight presses, which is a first in India.

The HDHMR boards have some key features. These are the sole reasons that differentiate regular boards and HDHMR boards from Action TESA. They are as following:

  • The hardwood that is used for the greater density further prevents the wood from absorbing any kind of moisture or watery substance.
  • Usage of a special glue. It is used to support water resistance in order to thrive under India’s divided weather conditions and temperatures.
  • The HDHMR boards also carry the water resistance characteristics matching up to ISI standards as well.
  • It is also an ideal routable substrate with sharp cuts and routed edges.
  • The boards come ready with smooth texture and surface. They also tend to absorb 25% less paint in the painting process and hence, saves on cost.
  • It has easy workability and is even cost effective in paneling solutions, which again saves money.

That is not all, HDHMR boards besides being moisture resistant is termite& borer resistant, environment friendly, cost effective, higher density, higher strength, and contains smooth calibrated surfaces.

These boards have two variants namely Plain HDHMR Board & Pre-laminated HDHMR Boards. Pre-laminated boards look exquisite as well as classy fitted in your homes!

The Key Application Areas of both the HDHMR boards, Plain HDHMR board and Pre – laminated HDHMR board is as the following:

  • Kitchen Shutters
  • Furniture, such as the ones with the risk of moisture.
  • Door Shutters
  • Packing Industry
  • Partitions
  • Outdoor Fixtures like election cutouts or similar applications that need to be tough and sturdy.

HDHMR board price is also something one should not be worried about since it is well priced to any other branded plywood available in the market, Action TESA produces and offers you a vast variety of colors in the boards. You have the vibrant and bright colors of rich red to sky blue, then you have lighter shades of the palette from creams and whites to natural browns and greens. Whatever your likings are, you will find them here within your reach.

To assess you furthermore, Action TESA has renowned business and association partners from the country, including companies like Tata Housing, Godrej, Spacewood, Lemon Tree, OYO, Godrej Properties, DLF, Emaar, and India bulls. They are promising companies that have high brand image, therefore their customer relationships are strong and they widely buy from here repeatedly. Hence, HDHMR Board Price promises quality in relevance to its cost.