UV Embossed Designer Board

NEW SERIES TEXTURE ON UV BOARD : Ultra Violet Coating is an Acrylic adhesive based decorative lacquer which is cured by Ultra Violet rays in a series of closed chambers. UV Coating is a very polished, lustrous coating applied to a panel surface which could be Melamine impregnated Prelam. The process of UV drying makes the end product Emission Free. The UV lacquering is a fully automated, synchronized PLC controlled process.

Action Tesa always supply innovative, new style, fashionable and elegant decorative material to Interior Product Industry. Now Action Tesa introduces UV Board with unique textures and effect, made from Roller Coater Technique. Available in Exotic range of beautiful designs and patterns. All Tesa products are tested in-house and in certified laboratories to qualify all the tests of Gloss, Scratch, UV cure etc.

Product characteristic : Beautiful design, Coordinated color, Ready to use product & curing with UV rays ensures no change in gloss levels with time. Value for money.

Product Usage : Kitchen Cabinet Door, Clothes Wardrobe Door, Interior Decoration for Bedroom, Living Room, Bathroom\Sliding Door, Closet, Bathroom Cabinet and so on.


Thickness   18mm 
Core Material  MDF (BIS Licence - CM/L- 3197565 (PLM) 
Panel Size  8ft (2440mm) x 4ft (1220mm) 
Finish Type  High Gloss