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Balaji Action Buildwell (BAB) a part of the diverse Action Group is diversifying into manufacturing of Medium Density Fibre (commonly known as MDF) & Particle Board.

The Group has business interests in Shoes (Action Shoes), Electronic Power Conditioners (Microtek), Chemicals, Real Estate (SunCity) & Health Care (Balaji Action Medical Institute).

The Company (BAB) has set up a fully integrated state-of-the-art automated plant to manufacture MDF & Particle Board in Sitargunj, in the State of Uttaranchal. The critical plant & machinery have been sourced from the technology leaders in the field like Maier, Germany & MEC, USA. The unique feature of this plant is the fact for the 1 st time features the latest Roller Pressing Technology for Continuous Production of MDF, and Prepress Technology for Particle Boards. Imbibing the latest in technology, the plant has host of features that have been introduced for the 1st time in the country, namely:

  • The "ClassiFormer ® " Technology for Mat Forming in Particle Board which ensures precise surface to core chip size gradation.

  • The "8 Head Sander" – gives unparallel smooth surface finish which is paint/polish ready.

  • The short cycle for Pre-lamination with 12 pressure cylinders for uniform distribution of pressure & heat across the platen.

The plant is located in the heartland of a major plantation Agrowood zone . Action is exclusively using only ‘Plantation Agrowood' – 'rapidly renewable resources' for both MDF and Particleboards. Such plantation schemes help the farmers generate more income and increase the green cover of the country and leading to less dependency on Hardwood.

The MDF & Particle Board Range has been Branded Action TESA & highlight of the range is the fact that Action TESA shall boast of the 1st Thin MDF manufacturing line in India & the Particle Board plant too is the single largest installed capacity in the country.

The Thin MDF range shall offer MDF from 2mm–6mm in 4ft width with variable length having options of Interior & Exterior Grades. Whereas, the Particle Board Range shall commence from 9mm & run through till 28mm in sizes of 8ft x 6ft & 9ft x 6ft having options of Interior & Exterior Grades. In a bid to add value to the TESA Range of MDF & Particle Board options of Plain, Pre-laminated & Veneered shall be offered.

Every Action TESA MDF & Particle Board features the unique DOME technology that ensures higher Internal Bond; lower Moisture Absorption & most importantly dimensional stability.

With increased impetus on Economic Growth the pressures on Infrastructural demand of alternative panels like MDF & Particle Boards in the housing & the furniture sectors besides the rapid growth in the IT Sector, Action Group with the TESA Range of MDF & Particle Boards aims at meeting this increased demand with product variants that addresses the unique needs of the modern customer .


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